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News Release
New Open Frame Magnetic Latching Solenoids from Saia-Burgess
Designed for strokes to 0.18 inches and forces to three pounds

VANDALIA, OH - Saia-Burgess Inc. introduces three new miniature open frame magnetic latching solenoids. B16L, B17L and C5L solenoids are each well suited for battery operation while providing strokes up to 0.18 inches and forces up to 3 pounds. They offer up to 100,000 cycles with moderate force output.

These solenoids provide intermittent duty, on/off operation, and pull-in engagement well suited to lock/latch operations. They are particularly well suited for applications where the solenoid needs to remain in an energized position for extended periods of time, and are an economical solution for volume applications.

For more information contact:
Saia-Burgess Inc., 801
Scholz Drive, PO Box 427,
Vandalia, OH 45377-0427;
(937) 454-2345;
fax: (937) 898-8624;

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Section updated Jul 29, 2014

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